Cardano Haskell Course 2022 (Ghana)

Input Output (IO)


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Input Output Global (IOG) (the engineering company behind Cardano), is one of the world's pre-eminent blockchain engineering companies. IOG builds blockchain-based solutions for academic, private sector and government clients. In January of 2022, IOG will commence its 5th Haskell course in Accra, Ghana.

Training Structure          

The course outline will include 4 weeks training on Haskell programming language and 4 weeks of the Plutus Pioneer Program. The training structure and the training material will be developed by Dr. Lars Brünjes. Dr. Brünjes holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from the University of Regensburg in Germany. After a postdoctoral year at the University of Cambridge in the UK and several years of research and teachings at Regensburg, he spent a decade working as a lead software architect on mathematical optimization software and web applications for an international IT company.

The training will be a 9-week session. The training will include smart contract programming with Plutus, a programming language developed specifically for smart contracts by IOG (Plutus Pioneer Program) and functional programming with Haskell. Functional programming is defined as the process of building software by composing pure functions, avoiding shared state, mutable data, and side-effects. Traditional languages like Java and Python are adopting functional programming principles as it is great for in-demand tasks such as data analysis and machine learning.

A smart contract is a computer programme or a transaction protocol. It is heavily used in FinTech due to its security, transparency, and accuracy without compromising on credibility and reducing regulatory costs. This training will allow students to work on real-life programming experience and smart contract applications.

Requirements for applying:


  • Required Higher degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, logic, physics, or a related subject (Bachelor or Above)

  • Preferred Coding experience in functional programming languages, with if possible on-the-job experience. Key competencies

  • Applicants must commit full time to the course

  • Critical thinking, analysis, troubleshooting, and problem-solving expertise

  • Intrinsically curious and passionate about researching current and emerging technologies and developing innovative solutions

  • Entrepreneurial mindset, eager and passionate about proposing new solutions to old problems.



  • Daily meals at the training centre covered by the organisation

  • Two times tea break at the training centre covered by the organisation

  • Students will be awarded with certification at the end of the training course

  • Selected students will have the opportunity to apply for job openings at IOG

  • $100 per month. 



  • The application period will be from 1st November to 20th November.

  • The cut-off for receiving applications will be midnight on 20th November.


  • Interviews will take place from 29nd November to 10rd December.

  • Letters will be sent to successful applicants during the week of 13th December.

Course Dates:

  • Course Start Date will be 10th January 2022

  • The course duration will be 9 weeks.

Laptops will be provided for the course.

Please note - the application process can take between 4-8 weeks before receiving an offer. If you are currently employed, please ensure that when you apply to the program, you have factored in the relevant notice  you may need to give to your employer in order to participate.

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